Reaper : my new DAW

A quick note to talk about Reaper. It’s been several months since I use this software and it’s just awesome.

First the licence is really cheap. I mean if you compare to the price of Cubase or any other big DAWs it’s hard to believe it’s the same kind of quality software. Fortunately Cockos allows you to try the full version of Reaper for 1 month to see it can compete with the biggests DAWs around.

The graphic user interface is also very well thought out. No revolution but it allows you a greater freedom on how to manage and organize your tracks.

Eventually what blew me away is the low memory use. With the same number of tracks (and with huge memory consuming VSTs on each of them), Reaper is more than ok while I experiment different kinds of bugs in Cubase.

Here are the great things about Reaper. Anyway the sheet editor is one thing that I miss. The midi editor is more than ok but I’m an old school dude on that one 🙂

Take a look at their website, but most of all try it !