Perrier – The Drop | Soundtrack Advertising contest – Cristal Festival

I recently took part in the Cristal Festival Soundtrack advertising contest for which I made a soundtrack on the Perrier ad “The Drop”.

The synopsis : Heat becomes unbearable on earth and a heroin is sent to the sun with a bottle of Perrier.

I chose a melancholic type of music which gets more intense as the action goes by.

The tempo is free on the first part with the violin on the foreground. As soon as the little spaceship leaves the earth, the theme is played on piano in the background which is then relayed by the full orchestra from the peak of the suspense until the end.

I also made the sound effects with the will to make the emotions stronger on the audience. The sun’s sounds, for example, add some drama but everybody knows there’s no sound in space 😉

The original music from the internet version of this spot, written by Laurent Perez Del Mar, is excellent.