Matthieu Pain - Compositeur de musique - Sound designerMusician, music composer and sound designer, I handle the audio production in its entirety in my studio>, from music composition to recording, from mixing to mastering.

Originally a guitar player, I made my first steps in the professionnal music world as a guitar teacher in music schools. At the same time I started to learn computer generated music to create and record everything that went through my mind. I also learned to play new instruments (cello, drums, bass, piano…).

Passionate about musics and sounds of all kinds, my musical creations can contain real instruments, classical orchestrations, natural or modified sounds.

What I do : music composition, sound identity, sound decors and audio mixing.

I mostly write music for the screen : movies (cinema, web, institutionals, documentaries), ads, teasers, video games and websites.

Feel free to contact me here for any question.